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    • AEG Volkswagen T5 Conversions

      AEG Motorhomes are proud to announce that we can now take orders on Volkswagen T5 Conversions.

      We are delighted to have completed our first retail conversion which is now available to view and buy at our Stourbridge motorhome showroom. After weeks of hard work from Dave and Derek getting every detail up to standard, we now have a high quality, bespoke AEG Conversion available. 

      Why choose AEG Conversions? 

      Our Volkswagen Transporter conversions are of the highest quality, offering the user a contemporary, …

    • In the UK you have the option of re-registering your van as a "motor caravan" with the DVLA.  It is not a requirement to re-register the vehicle.  You can continue to use the vehicle as a campervan, even if it is still registered as a "panel van", assuming you have adequate (i.e. campervan)insurance.

      Why Re-register as a "Motor Caravan"?

      Although you do not need to re-register a campervan conversion, here are the benefits of doing so

      • Cheaper Insurance - Generally leisure vehicles such as campervans are …
    • Re-classification of your vehicle once your van is converted into a camper van is advised, you need to change the classification with your road authority, such as the DVLA. This is generally straight forward, and brings benefits such as cheaper road tax, insurance, and the ability to travel faster. 

      Legal Information, Requirements and Rules for Camper Vans DVLA Update: March 2011 - Many people applying to have vehicles re-registered as "Motor Caravans" with the DVLA are being refused, as their vehicle does "Not look like a …

    • Planning your Campervan Conversion

      Planning any camper van conversion is essential. If you don't you could find yourself with a campervan that is impracticable for your needs and experience, wasting time and materials. 

      We offer a full consultation service and can bring many ideas to the table, regardless of what you want... let us have the headaches. By planning your conversion we can be sure you know what stages and tasks are required and in which order they are expected to be completed by. We will advise what materials & …

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