Winter Health Check

Get Your Motorhome Ready for Winter Just £49.99

The Cold Weather and dark mornings appear to know signal the impending return of the winter season!

Winterise your Motorhomes Including a pre-winter damp check and full water drain.

Is your Motorhome ready for winter?

While sun is not expected in any British summer, we can anticipate an array of bad weather conditions will batter the nation through the great British Winter. A time which appears to serve only to make life just that bit more difficult for us all.

AEG understands that you may not have the time to perform these vehicle checks and we appreciate the importance of having your vehicle ready for the winter.  For just £49.99 the team at the AEG service Centre will check the following for you:

Vehicle Check


  •        Tyres are essential in keeping you safe on the roads especially during the winter months with the risk of snow and ice.
  •         Part of our Winter Check will include an inspection of your tyres overall condition, tread depth , pressure and age.


  •       Battery failure is more common in the winter months for a number of reasons. The colder the temperature gets, the slower the
  •       Part of our Winter Check will include an electronic battery test and charging test.

Coolant / Anti-freeze

  •       Your engine’s coolant level should be checked regularly to avoid causing serious damage to your engine.
  •       During the winter months, it is essential to check your anti-freeze levels as water alone can freeze rendering your coolant
  •       Part of our Winer Check will include a coolant strength test.

Wiper Blade / Screen Wash

  • Having a clear screen is essential over the winter months, you never know when bad weather will come.
  • Part of our Winter Check is to check your wiper blades and windscreen system and screen wash levels check.

Light Bulbs

  •       Dark nights and gloomy days demand properly working, properly aligned lights to help you see and be seen.
  •       Part of our Winter Check will include all signal and headlights are checked.


  •       Stopping’s hard enough in snowy or icy conditions, without your brakes letting you down. We look over your pads and discs, and
  •       Part of our Winter Check will include a visual check of your brake pads and discs.

 Habitation Check  

Fresh and Waste Water

  • Throughout the summer months you are always using your fresh water and waste tanks. Now winter is aponuss and you using your Motorhome less or putting it away for Winter. Part of our Winter Check will have included a complete drain down of all Fresh and Waste water.

Leisure Battery

  • Keeping your Leisure battery in optimum spec is essential to keeping your Motorhome active.
  • Part of our Winter Check will include an electronic test of your Leisure battery

Damp Test

  • Your Motorhome over its life span can from time to time leak water into the Habitation area.
  • Part of our Winter Check we will carry out a full Damp check of your Motorhome.

We can attend your home or place of storage with our fully equipped service vehicle to repair or service your Motorhome or Caravan,
bringing with us an unrivaled level of customer care and attention to detail.


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