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Truma Air Conditioning

Fitted Truma Motorhome & Caravan Air Conditioning System Available at AEG Motorhomes in Stourbridge

Truma Aventa compact Fitted Price £1,880inc vat
The lightest and quietest roof-mounted camping air conditioner in its class

·         Fits on even small vehicle roofs

·         Extremely quiet running

·         Lightest roof-mounted air conditioner on the market

Cools faster than any other roof-mounted air conditioner

Convenient adjustment using a remote control

Control air conditioner and ACC using the app (optional with Truma iNet Box)


Truma Aventa compact plus £1,987 inc vat
Compact cooling power for van conversions to large motorhomes

·         Fits even on roofs with little space

·         Extremely quiet operation

·         Very light roof-mounted air conditioning system


The Aventa compact plus roof-mounted air conditioning system impresses with maximum power in a minimum amount of space. The housing is compact yet boasts 2,200 watts of cooling power. This gives it an extra 500 watts of power compared to the Aventa compact making it in no way inferior to its younger sibling.

The Aventa compact plus is as small as it is light, so it fits on almost any leisure vehicle roof. This applies even if the roof-mounted air conditioning system shares the space with a top-box, solar panel, and satellite dish. With its considerable cooling capacity, it’s not just ideal for smaller van conversions. The Aventa compact plus is also suitable for larger motorhomes, beneficial if you want to powerfully cool several areas at once. It extracts moisture from the air at the same time as it cools, which contributes to a pleasant room climate.

The compressor noise has been minimised, making the Aventa compact plus one of the quietest and lightweight roof-mounted air conditioning systems on the market.

The Air distributor small’s individual adjustment options ensure that the cool air is distributed exactly where you want it. All you need to do is adjust the air outlets according to your personal preferences. The Air distributor small is designed to be so flat that the passage height is barely affected.


Truma Aventa comfort £1998inc vat
Roof-mounted air conditioning system with an integrated heat pump


·         Very efficient in cooling and heating modes

·         Switch the air conditioning system on and off easily with the remote control

·         High output despite weighing just 33 kilograms


  • Especially quiet in sleep mode with reduced fan speed
  • Use the timer to set the desired running time
  • Select the room temperature in one degree increments
  • Four operating modes (cooling, heating, automatic, air circulation) and three fan speeds
  • Mood lighting works also without air conditioning


For more information please contact the service team 01384 848 438 


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