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  • Motorhome Damp & Body Repairs

    AEG Motorhomes, Stourbridge specialise in Motorhome damp repairs and servicing of all motorhomes.

    We can assist in protecting your motorhome from becoming damp too. This is often due to leaking seals in skylights, windows and also internal plumbing.

    Damp areas in need of repair are often discovered when cleaning or renovating the motorhome and the extent of the damp is only fully realised once all internal trim is removed. Many buyers purchase motorhomes thinking that they are damp free only to find out that they have a damp problem and panic because the situation can look far worse than it actually is.

    Damp repair of motorhomes needs to be tackled in a methodical manner and no internal panels can be left in place near the affected areas, as water ingress points can be found far away from the places you'd expect. In our experience, we have found water entering through window sills, cracks in roof material, running along internal plumbing only to appear near the shower tray.

    To help catch damp early we offer a full damp check From £69.00. This check will cover all roof , side and floor damp check. Operation of window catches and external hatch’s, along with a visual check of all sealant and seals.

    We can carry out any damp repair from re-sealing to complete interior over hall.

    Please click here to watch the video attached of a damp floor repair we carried out on a customer’s Motorhome.

    AEG Motorhomes are based in Stourbridge West Midlands Birmingham. With easy access from the M5 down the 491 and from Kidderminster along the A451.

    We believe that motorhome damp repairs need to be tackled swiftly and thoroughly. this process can save an owner thousands of pounds if done right first time. Contact via the link below or call the team on 01384 848 438

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