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Truma Solar Sets

The right accessories allow independent traveling, even far removed from the nearest power source. Truma Solar Sets are highly efficient solar panel kits for caravans and motor homes. With a Truma Solar Set, you utilise the sun's power to provide your RV with a reliable source of electricity.

  • Four power classes are available: 23 Wp, 65 Wp, 100 Wp, 150 Wp
  • Optimum utilisation of the roof
  • Quick and easy installation on the roof thanks to the plug-in connection
  • Stable on the roof in any weather: attachment corresponds to DEKRA test standards
  • The Truma Solar Set is available in four sizes.

The Truma SolarSet is available in four sizes.
SolarSet 23 protects the battery of the Mover from deep discharging and maintains the voltage in the battery.
Truma SolarSet 65 is suitable for small motor homes without TV/SAT.
Truma SolarSet 100 is ideal for medium-sized to larger motor homes.
Truma SolarSet 150 has a nominal power of 150 Wp and is thus ideal for medium-sized to larger motor homes.

More details about Truma SolarSets

The monocrystalline solar cells guarantee maximum energy yield in relation to the area. The kits come with all the components you need to install a mobile solar system on the roof of your vehicle. Whether you need it for your coffee machine or air conditioner, at the campsite or in the wilderness – with our kits, you can have power everywhere and whenever you need it.

  • The modules are installed quickly and easily with self-tapping screws – suitable for all framed solar modules
  • Minimum space required for installation
  • Flow-optimised spoiler for optimum module cooling
  • Spoilers prevent damage, e.g. caused by low-hanging branches

Compare the Truma SolarSets

SolarSet 150SolarSet 100SolarSet 65SolarSet 23
Cell typeMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystallineMonocrystalline
Rated output150 Wp100 Wp65 Wp23 Wp
Automatic chargerSDC 20SDC 10SDC 10SC 3
Weight (incl. fixing)approx. 12.2 kgapprox. 8.8 kgapprox. 6.6 kgapprox. 3.7 kg
UseMedium to large motorhomesMedium to large
Small motorhomes without TV/SATBattery capacity in connection with the Mover PowerSet
(with roof fixing system) 
(L x W x H)
1538 x 660 x 70 mm1263 x 535 x 70 mm913 x 535 x 70 mm388 x 535 x 70 mm


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