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Legal Information, Requirements and Rules for Camper Vans

Re-classification of your vehicle once your van is converted into a camper van is advised, you need to change the classification with your road authority, such as the DVLA. This is generally straightforward and brings benefits such as cheaper road tax, insurance, and the ability to travel faster. 

Legal Information, Requirements, and Rules for Camper Vans DVLA Update: March 2011 - Many people applying to have vehicles re-registered as "Motor Caravans" with the DVLA are being refused, as their vehicle does "Not look like a motor caravan from the outside". The DVLA is then re-classifying the vehicles as "Vans with windows". Apparently, this is a problem for the Police and other authorities, who cannot identify converted vehicles easily from the outside. 

We can take care of this process for you with our expertise and knowledge, we will manage the whole project from start to registration for peace of mind. If you are converting your van to a campervan or motorhome then you need to consider whether you want us to re-register the vehicle with your vehicle authority. In the UK you have the option of re-registering your van as a "motor caravan" with the DVLA. It is not a requirement to re-register the vehicle. You can continue to use the vehicle as a campervan, even if it is still registered as a "panel van", assuming you have adequate (i.e. campervan) insurance. 

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