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Planning & Budgeting

Planning your Campervan Conversion

Planning any camper van conversion is essential. If you don't you could find yourself with a campervan that is impracticable for your needs and experience, wasting time and materials. 

We offer a full consultation service and can bring many ideas to the table, regardless of what you want... let us have the headaches. By planning your conversion we can be sure you know what stages and tasks are required and in which order they are expected to be completed by. We will advise what materials & accessories you'll need and the legal processes of registering a camper van.

Budgeting for your Conversion

One of the most important factors of your conversion will be cost. You have chosen for us to build your customized campervan, rather than buying one, to save money. Your budget will drive most of the decisions you make with your conversion, and we will offer the best available advice to meet your requirements with whatever your budget is.

One of the most important things to do, before you make any decision is to work out your budget. Work out how much money you have and we will guide you through each part of the process.

Many people ask us "How much does it cost to convert a campervan?" The simple answer is "Whatever you want." You set the budget, and we build your vehicle to that budget. There is no minimum or maximum cost. You can have a functioning campervan conversion on a very small budget for as little as £1,500 to a fully-equipped motorhome with a full bathroom and all the latest technology for £15,000. You decide!

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